Kelleys offer solution for all Surface & Cleaning pre - treatment and Surface Coating requirements. Kelleys capabilities include design and manufacture of special purpose pre-treatment line i.e. Batch type or Spray Phosphating plants, Converised and Batch type Enamel and Powder coating plants, 'SPM' for powder coating application.

Phosphating/Cleaning plant

  • Kelleys offer PLC control Transports with fan Exhaust Systems with latest in line technologic Spray com powder Coating Booth.
  • Kelleys also offer various type Enamel & Powder Coating both ranging from small to large Component


Kelleys offer various type of Converised & Batch type curing Oven suitable for various industrial & commercial applications. Various type of heating arrangement such as Electric, Thermic, fluid infrared are used for during application.

Adhesive Coating Arrangement

Kelleys offer various type of adhesive Coat & curing arrangement with various heating applications

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For Industrial Component Washing & Cleaning Equipment In Indias

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