These are Sustainable washers with the parts that are either placed on Conveyor pallets or trays, which helps the Conveyor to pass through the Cleaning tunnel with spray and airblow nozzles.


  • Type of Conveyor : Slat Conveyor, Honeycomb, Wire & Mesh Type, etc. – it is selected depending on the part geometry and the cleaning application
  • Tanks are as per the Cleaning requirement with Wash I, II Stages- Air Drying, Ambient Air Blow & Hot Air Blow Arrangement
  • Thru Feed Type Washing Machine, for aiding online assembly operations
  • Filtration Bag/ Cartridge, Compact band, Wedge wire type
  • Fully Automatic operations
  • Stop-&-Go operations also available to facilitate Cleaning for multiple hole cleaning in single Component


  • Can be used for Cleaning all types of Casted , Forged , Aluminium , HPDC Components
  • Dust and Oil removal and drying of cleaned Components prior to assembly and Downstream processes

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For Industrial Component Washing & Cleaning Equipment In Indias

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