Most Commonly used Washing machine is industry suitable for General as well as Specific Washing Applications. Machine is Suitable for very High Productions.


  • Components to be cleaned are loaded on fixture Manually / Auto transfer on atuation ON switch ,work basket moves inside the Chamber & front door closes
  • Component indexes at Jet Washing station with Oscillating header for internal Component Cleaning
  • Componet indexes at Air blow station for drying & after Completion of Washing Cycle
  • Separate Washing & Drying zone
  • Component/ Nozzle box oscillation during Drying & Washing
  • Filtration: Bag/ Cartidge Filter, Compact Paper Band, Wedge Wire Drum Filter


  • Machine Suitable for Cleaning of Gears, Shafts, Cam Shaft, Transmission & Fuel Housing Cyclone Head & Cyclone Bloc.
  • Machine is suitable for General Cleaning to Most Stringent Cleanness Requirement.
  • Very Low through Put Time of 30 sec also achievable.


  • Varied Varity of Filtration which Include Wedge Wire , Bag / Cartridge Type Filtration Including Compact Band Type Paper Filter Or Hydro Clone are used Depending Upon Varied requirement

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