These are Simplest & most cost effective method of Cleaning. The Concept is based on Cleaning of parts by means of Submerged Jet Washing at high Pressure and Dunking.

The Concept is Suitable for hard to reach areas as Submerged Washing assist is better Cleaning.


  • Dunking Followed by Rotation & Robotic Cleaning inside the Cleaning both.
  • 2-3 stage cleaning arrangement
  • Filtration : Bag/ cartidge filter, Compact Paper Band, Wire Wedge, etc.
  • Solvent Cleaning takes place
  • Multiple tank arrangement within the Combination of filtration, Heating and Turbulence are provided
  • Combination of Dunking arrangement with Through Feed & Batch Type Machine can also be provided
  • If Required , Dunking Type Washing Machine with Rotation of component can also be provided

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